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anysome: explicit mainstream

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deadend summer
....stupid girl just listen....
download 7,14 MB

last day of lost years we were killin’ time....
download 4,73 MB

nowhere (when we were invincible)
....tongue tied and reckless....
download 4,48 MB

....this is the time, the time to be perfect....
download 5,44 MB

what’s the matter’s never too late to say goodbye....
download 5,67 MB

the waiting
....she brakes your heart with just a smile....
download 6,36 MB

your headphones make me feel like i’m not alone this time.....
download 3,91MB

life away york city laid to waste.....
download 5,08 MB

heat of the night
.....i’m not home my dearest friend,
     leave a message right at the end.....
download 5,76 MB

between the years
.....the way that you used to comb your hair
     still burns in my memory.....
download 3,89 MB

once’re the warm embrace that i used to chase.....
download 3,88 MB

better off (without me)
.....this i tell you baby blue.....
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